The day my grandma was pricked by cactuses

Samantha Marino, Staff Reporter

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“I was so curious when I was little” said my grandma Guadalupe as she was folding her clothes. I can’t believe she still remembers this story. When my grandma was little she was very curious and that would get her into a lot of trouble.

My grandma would always enjoy going to Mexico. When she would go she would stay with her aunt. Her aunt had a big yard. The yard had lots of trees and cactuses. One day my grandma went to visit her aunt for her birthday. The party was in her backyard. My grandma was running around outside. She saw the cactuses. She wonder what was that pointy stuff. So she touch it and started crying. She had a lot of them on her hand. My grandma was in so much trouble when her dad saw her.

My great grandpa did not feel bad at all, because it was all my grandmas fault. My grandma learned her lesson. She learned her lesson by not touching pointy things.Ever since that accident happened she hates cactuses.