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Avengers Endgame

May 16, 2019

Holiday Season Top Movies to See

Carlos Salinas, Staff Reporter

December 5, 2018

Are you in the mood for watching a movie this holiday season? Here are the top new releases available for you to see in theaters over the holiday season. If you are someone who wants to see an action movie here are the movies that ...

Venom Movie Review

October 30, 2018

Analyze site traffic with Google Analytics

Sample Student, Editor

July 9, 2018

Once you start producing content, you’re going to want to know who’s reading it. Your site is setup with Google Analytics, a robust reporting tool from Google. Each week you’ll receive an e-mail report of your previous week’s...

Choose the right image size for online

Sample Staff Member, Writer

July 9, 2018

Size your horizontal photos to 900px wide by 600px tall at a resolution of 72 dpi in RGB color mode before uploading them to your site. Always save photos in .jpg format. Your site will display vertical photos fine (except in...

Tell the full story in long form

Sample Student, Editor-in-Chief

July 9, 2018

Want to tell the full story?  To get started click on New under the Stories tab on the left navigation bar in the WordPress dashboard. Enter the headline for the article. In the box to the right of the title, choose your t...

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