Warriors YouTubing

Carlos Salinas, Staff Reporter

YouTube has become a platform for people to share their creativity or even possibly become a celebrity. Schuyler Community School students are engaging viewers and grasping for their moment in the spotlight. Kimberly Marquez, a student from Schuyler Middle School, has a YouTube channel called Kimberly Marquez.  She has approximately 1,620 subscribers and has not made a video since 2017. Her videos were about how to make slime, Play Doh soft, and other things.  

Junior, Alejandra Castro, is also a YouTuber. Her channel is called Alejandra Castro and she post vlogs (video logs) on her channel. She is still active and has currently 148 subscribers.  “I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be fun to make videos like that too?” I just kind of impulsively made a channel and recorded a video. My channel was originally supposed to be about makeup, but really it’s a little random. I make videos of what I personally like watching.  I post whenever I have time, because I’m constantly doing homework and I’m involved in other things, go check it out and subscribe” stated Alejandra. 

Senior, Nicollette Harding has a YouTube channel named nicollette rae. She has returned to her channel to continue it and keep vlogging. She has currently 44 subscribers. Finally we have senior, Carlos Salinas who is another YouTuber and his channel name is Masterplayer44. He posts vlogs, gaming, and other random things. He has currently 3,080 subscribers and is still active.