Inspiration comes from results


Photo Credits: SCHS Staff

SCHS students that made it to Cross Country State this year.

Kimberly Morales, Staff Reporter

The results of training mentally and physically were shown in the call to State. The 2021 Cross Country State qualifiers were Marisol Deanda (12), Gavin Bywater (11), and Eduardo Carrasco (12).  Marisol Deanda shares, “I have had many running personal bests in Cross Country and even Track, but I think my biggest accomplishment was changing my mindset.” She used to think she had to win everything, but Coach Cassidy told her that a medal does not define her. 

“The more I think about it, the more I realize it’s true. That has always stuck with me and no matter how I did I knew I did good,” Marisol explained. She was determined and stayed motivated to keep going. Her inspiration comes from her results. “I really do admire myself sometimes, because I know that I put in a lot of work and time. I have always had a drive to strive to be the best and I think that helps me a lot to keep going,” commented Marisol. With great positivity and determination, she placed 18th at her third time at State Cross Country. Marisol plans to attend a Division 1 or 2 out of state college, major in Dietetics, and hopes to run for that school. She explains that she would like to transition to a weightlifting lifestyle, while still running.

 Gavin Bywater stayed committed, and was eager to improve. He also stayed motivated by watching his progress throughout the runs. Gavin decided that he is most likely done running after high school. “My biggest improvement was at Districts to make it to state, and my teams from previous years are what inspires me to keep running.” Gavin shared.  The SCHS girls cross country coach is Cortland Cassidy a 4th Grade Teacher at Schuyler Elementary School. The boys’ cross country coach is Rick Carter, a Math teacher at Schuyler Central High School.