Schuyler to host One Act Districts


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

One Act performing on stage at their public performance November 20th.

Jacquelyn Perez, Staff Reporter

SCHS One Act has the honor to be hosting Districts for the first time in history. One Act members hosted a One Act Showcase competition on Tuesday November 9th, and will now get to host Districts on November 29th. Travis Steinhoff, SCHS Assistant Principal/Activities Director was asked how hosting One Act District is going to benefit our school and he responded, “I believe it gives our team the best chance to compete because we don’t have to pack up, travel, unload, etc.” Mr. Steinhoff also explains that they know their stage and he also believes it’s good for their school pride. “We have a great team and a great facility. I think it’s good for the town of Schuyler to show these things off and be proud of who we are,” Mr. Steinhoff commented. 

Melanie Gustafson, SCHS Speech Teacher says this is the first year Schuyler has been fortunate enough to host a play production festival, because until now SCHS has not had an auditorium host it in. “We are very excited we were selected to host a district competition. This is a big step for Schuyler and a huge benefit for our students to be able to perform on their own stage,” Mrs. Gustafson shared. One Act members have been pouring their hearts and soul into something they love. One Act members have been motivated this year having the experience to host, showcase and Districts.