Schuyler Video released to Make a Difference


Photo Credit: Striv Tv

Student, Anna Rocheford, interviewed for “Competition and Kindness” video.

Carlos Salinas, Staff Reporter

“Competition and Kindness” is the name of the video bringing Schuyler Central High School into the spotlight. Striv released the video about Schuyler Central High School on November 26th. Striv is a company that provides a live video streaming website for schools to share their live events. “Competition and Kindness” was released on YouTube and the Striv website. The video has currently 6,204 views on YouTube and counting. According to Jim Kasik, SCHS Assistant Principal and Activity Director, said ‘’This video will bring an awareness to other schools that we are all different one way or another, but we all can treat each other with kindness and respect.’’

The video was sponsored by; Nebraska School Activities Association, Nebraska State Athletic Administrators Association, Nebraska Coaches Association, Nebraska Council Schools Administrations, Nebraska State Education Associations, Nebraska Association Of School Boards, Nebraska Department Of Education, and NRCSA. On November 29, Striv’s Twitter post stated “Schuyler and similar communities have faced unimaginable obstacles and discriminations while participating in activities. Schuyler and the sponsors are hoping to make changes”.

In the video, School Board President Richard Brabec, Coach and Teacher Lyndon Beebe, and student Cristobal Gonzalez each gave testimony of different times when Schuyler athletes were mistreated by opposing schools because of their heritage. Rather than seeing the diversity as a negative, Warriors see it as a positive. “People don’t see us how we see ourselves. When I look at my classmates I look at them as just like me.” shared Anna Rocheford.