Angel Tree Donations Reward Families

Ari Silverio

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Project S is a club for students that volunteer to help the community. Their mission is “To give back to those that helped form our community.” Anyone can join this group without restrictions as long as they can help the community in some way. Project S was started by a couple of students, Alberto and Kenny Olea, asking their teacher, Jared Severson, to help find some community service projects they could help

Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff
Students giving food to the teachers

with. Jared Severson then volunteered to be the advisor. “I told them to just do it” said Mr. Severson.


Project S is assisted by FCCLA and Student Council for a few projects. The most recent one is the Warrior Angel Tree Project. The Angel Tree Project is when the school gathers donation cards from the Christmas tree they had in the Commons area in the school. “The Warrior Angel Tree project is a way that the high school was able to become involved in the local Schuyler Food and Toy Drive.” according to Jared Severson, “We used the Warrior Angel Tree name to gather donations and sell fundraiser products to give the school the recognition and reward of helping families in need within our school and community.”