Girls’ Wrestling Proposal


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

Carla Chacon vs. West Point.

Geovany Chacon, Staff Reporter

Nebraska is trying to pass a proposal for high school girls wrestling programs to offer the same opportunities as current boys programs. If passed, girls will have a chance to qualify and wrestle at a Girls State Tournament. It has been approved in 4 of 6 districts. The first girls only bracket was held at the High Plains tournament. Oakland-Craig offered an all girls bracket at their tournament this year. Currently, the girls practice with the boys, but they are only able to wrestle in a few tournaments.

The girls wrestling proposal has been passed around the state by the NSAA. The NSAA is hoping to begin the program in 2020. This year, Westside High School has three girls wrestling in their program, and Schuyler Central High School has two girls wrestling. Junior, Carla Chacon is a female wrestler for the Schuyler Warriors. Chacon has wrestled for five years. “I would rather go to State, because that is when fans from all over the state come to see us and more coaches will be interested in seeing what we can do and where we can go with it. It is a fast growing sport, I think the program has changed and I believe we will have an all girls team by next year if more girls decide to stick with it,” said Carla Chacon.