Temporary Schedule due to ACT Prep


Photo Credit: Robbi McKenney

Students participating in the ACT Prep class.

Erik Hernandez, Staff Reporter

Schuyler Central High School has been and will be functioning under a temporary short schedule until April 1st. This is due to the 40 minute Act Prep class starting at 2:55pm, every Monday through Thursday. The new class schedule and ACT Prep class will continue until the Juniors take their Act test on April 2nd.

College tuition and trade schools commonly bind students to a considerably large financial burden that often takes years to pay off. Obtaining a decent score on the ACT can be a vital accomplishment to acquire for scholarships. According to Katherine Bertrand, Schuyler Central High School counselor, the purpose of students preparing for the Act with the On To College with John Baylor program is to try to make two or four year college graduates with minimal student loan debt. Bertrand states, “One way to do that is by achieving a good score on the ACT Test since many colleges base academic scholarships on this score.  It’s also a great program to remind students to take care of their grades right away in high school and start building a solid resume, so when scholarship time comes around senior year, students are ready to go to qualify and apply for numerous scholarships.”

Bertrand remarks, “As a school, we would love to see more students obtain a college degree or at least some training after high school.” One of the top reasons many students don’t obtain a college degree or some training after high school is due to not knowing how to pay for that degree or training. Bertrand adds, “On To College is one way we can help prepare students, so they have a better chance at obtaining a degree after high school at the lowest cost.” In addition, the tips, tricks, and tools that are taught in the program can help students when it comes to test taking in general, and if you apply some of rules and information you learn from the curriculum in your classes, it can help you do better in many of the core areas.

According to the On To College website, they have over 425 partner schools in 24 states. Schuyler has been offering this program optionally for a few years now. The students that took the opportunity in the past and went through the course, saw satisfactory results when they took the ACT. Their results have assisted them in obtaining scholarships that will help pay for a portion of their college tuition. Bertrand asserts, “We wanted all students to have the opportunity to take the course. This is why this year it is being done during the school day. In the past, it was done on Friday at 1:30.”