Romancing Chuy


Maganda was undefeated in his 38 matches this past season.

Brienna Romero, Staff Reporter

Recently, Jesus “Chuy” Maganda has entered the spotlight for Nebraska high school sports because of his Wrestling State Championship, and soccer and football achievements. According to Maganda, there has been a variety of colleges trying to recruit him. Therefore, he had to make a tough decision. Fortunately there was one particular college that caught his attention. He chose was Doane University, because of its beauty and because his brother is an Assistant Soccer Coach there.

There is always a crowd that cheers for Maganda because of his abilities in wrestling. His family and friends are his biggest fans. Their encouragement motivates him to find the spotlight in himself. His fans effective support has led Maganda to his biggest accomplishments. For example, he qualified state wrestling four years in a row and became the 220 Wrestling State Champion his senior year.  Also, he has competed at State Soccer 2 of the last 3 years. 

Maganda’s parents are the athletic role models in his life and continue to push him toward his athletic goals.  Maganda was driven to workout every summer to become the best of his abilities. “I’m going to miss all my coaches from football ,wrestling, soccer and my teammates,” said Maganda. Graduation is coming up, but that will not stop his dream to be a National Champion of Wrestling in college.