Student Signs with St. Mary’s College


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

Maria Semarad signs the contract to play for St. Mary’s College.

Ari Silverio

SCHS senior, Maria Semerad, signed with St. Mary’s College to play volleyball and will be receiving two scholarships from St. Mary. St. Mary’s College is a private college. She wants to go to St. Mary’s because she wants to get a nursing degree. According to Semerad, “They have the best nursing program in the state. I also received a very nice academic scholarship plus my volleyball scholarship.”  

“Before high school, I played softball and volleyball. When I was little, I also did AYSO soccer,” said Semerad. “In my freshman year, I played volleyball and basketball. My sophomore year, I went out for volleyball and track. And my last two years I played volleyball and basketball.” Her parents have always been her role models. “The pushed me to work hard everyday and never let me give up. They have been there for me my whole life and have made me the person I am today.” said Semerad. Her advice to a freshman would be to always follow your dream and work really hard for what you really love. Go to camps, go to the gym, work hard every single day and you will get what you worked so hard for.”