Food Truck Challenge Benefits Students and Customers


Photo Credits: Jared Severson

At the parent-teacher conferences, students were selling small snacks to customers.

Brienna Romero, Staff Reporter

Schuyler Central High School held a Food Truck Challenge on March 12, during the Parent-Teacher Conference. Family Consumer Science and Business teacher, Jared Severson selected 37 students and split them into eight food truck teams. “This is getting the students to see how short order cooking works, how fast you need to be with food trucks, the cost of cooking and how to make profit,” explains Mr. Severson. Each Food Truck Challenge team had a table in the hallway outside the east gym.

The customer benefits of this Food Truck Challenge was getting to buy a variety of food items for lunch and vote for their favorite. Mr. Severson organized this opportunity for his culinary art students to learn from first hand experience from managing a budget and cooking. “This idea is used across the country in different formats for students to learn these life skills and employability skills,” explained Mr. Severson.

The menu listed food categories such as meals and desserts. There was Native American Tacos, chili cheese fries, asada fries, chicken and fries, fresh  cut potatoes chips topped with nacho toppings, strawberry topped brownies, fruit salad cups, chocolate popcorn, and many others. Mr. Severson is planning to continue the Food Truck Challenge next year for parent-teacher conferences.