Bond Passed for School Expansion

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On March 12, 2019, residents of the Schuyler school district voted to pass a bond for new construction at the Schuyler Central High School. The new construction will start on June 2019. The construction is estimated to be finished  on August 2021. The total cost would be $12,500,000.

1,579 people voted was 52% of the voters voted to pass the bond. There was a slim margin of 4% between the amount of votes for and against the bond for the new construction at the high school. A intensive campaign was implemented to try to get the bond passed. People from our community went door to door on Sundays to talk to people in the in Schuyler to informed them about the bond, informational mailings were sent, and volunteers called residents on the phone to discuss the benefits of the bond passing. According to Dr. Dan Hoesing, Schuyler Community Schools Superintendent, a groundbreaking ceremony is being planned to officially begin the new construction project.