Players On the Green


Photo Credit: Robbi McKenney

Boys Golf team poses with pride.

Carlos Salinas, Staff Reporter

Schuyler Boys Golf  season has started and the players are ready to play golf. There are fifteen players this year with ten returning as players. This year Brante Hayes will be the coach for the Schuyler Boys Golf team. This will be his 5th season as head coach of the Schuyler Boys Golf team. Hayes is also a fourth-grade teacher at the Schuyler Elementary School. This year Schuyler will only have two home meets. There will  be a meet on April 16th and April 26th.

The Boys Golf team is a younger team full of ambition.  All of the players are eager to get out on the course to work. It has been a struggle with the flooding issues in Nebraska, said Coach Hayes.  A couple of big things Boys Golf players are working on this year is consistency and mental toughness. According to Coach Hayes, “The players will need to keep their grind on throughout their entire round and never give up.”