New Faces for Warrior Cheer Squad


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

New cheerleaders are excited to make the squad.

Brienna Romero, Staff Reporter

Head Cheerleader Coach and Special Education teacher, Ashlie Stone is delighted to dive into her new cheerleading squad year. According to Mrs. Stone, there will be 10 returning and four new cheerleaders for the 2019-2020 school year.  As the Head Cheer Coach, the important qualities of a successful cheerleading squad is to manage dedication, accountable, responsibility, and respect. One of the best qualities of the cheerleaders are their habits of constantly smiling and being happy.

The tryout candidates were evaluated on a cheer, chant, and dance. Each candidate practiced early in the morning before the tryouts and had five teacher evaluations completed. Due to experience, Junior Crystal Carrillo, had an advantage for tryouts. The memorization was the biggest challenge for Carrillo. “Confidence is key, and that’s something I’ve been really trying to develop within myself,” expressed Crystal Carrillo. She tried out for cheerleading, because she wanted to build her confidence and receive opportunities.

Jenny Valora, an eighth grader is a new cheerleading candidate that made the squad. Valora believes the most challenging part of the tryouts was learning a whole dance routine.  As Valora decided to tryout for cheer, her goal was to get involved with school and have fun. Her personal goal for cheerleading is focused on making progress on jumps. Out of 40 candidates, Valora was surprised to be chosen.

The new 2019-20 Cheer Squad includes: Jaiden Sock (11), Jasmine Salgado (11), Stefany Rocha (10), Kayli Vavricek (10), Kinzie Petersen (11), Sarai Avila (10), Ruth Pedro (11), Crystal Carrillo (11), Sayra Escobar (10), Bailee Kovar (9), Jenny Valora (8), Ashley Hernandez (11), Lili Farmer (11), and Jaci Grado (11).

For two years, Ashlie Stone has been the SCHS Cheer Coach. Mrs. Stone enjoys the unlimited stories from the cheerleading squad. The most rewarding benefit as a Head Cheerleader Coach is having a laugh with the cheerleaders. Mrs. Stone is looking forward to including tumbling and stunting in the cheerleaders performance and is hoping to increase the school spirit.