Schuyler’s QB Season Comes to an End

Carlos Salinas, Staff Reporter

On April 9th, Schuyler High School students competed and won the District Quiz Bowl competition and competed again on April 10th, at Seward for Conference Quiz Bowl. According to, SCHS Chemistry Teacher and Quiz Bowl Coach, John Sayer, “At the conference the kids did well today, winning 5 rounds on double elimination, only being beat by Scotus, and Nebraska Christian.  We did beat Aquinas at Districts, which made them upset as we sent them home.” At the Conference Quiz Bowl, Schuyler lost against Seward in their final match. Seward and York were quite tough this year, they prepared a lot for Quiz Bowl according to Mr. Sayer.

Before Quiz Bowl season, Mr. Sayer talked with teachers to figure out what students could answer tough questions under pressure. At the ESU 7 Quiz Bowl  on April 8th, the students who participated were were; Kasey Brabec, Chloe Beltrand, Connor Bywater, Preston Anderson, Pietro Caligiana, Anna Misakyan, Brayden Rocha, Maria Semerad, and Jessica Jaimes. At the Conference Quiz Bowl on April 10th, the students who participated were; Kasey Brabec, Chloe Beltrand, Preston Anderson, Pietro Caligiana, Nolan Healy, Vance Sayer, Julian Castello, Brenda Romo, Travis Marxsen, and Ivana Lopez.  

Schuyler won two hundred dollars, medals, and a trophy from the Radio Quiz Bowl competition. According to Mr. Sayer, “It is always nice to beat a tough team, at Seward, we had a hard time with conference schools.” The types of questions asked include Math, Science, English, and History. The Schuyler High School team participated in three events total; Radio, District, and Conference.