Blood Drive Volunteers Come Forward


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

Students are getting prepared for the Spring Blood Drive

Brienna Romero, Staff Reporter

For 8 years, Red Cross holds a Fall and Spring Blood Drive at Schuyler Central High School. On April 16, 2019, the Spring Blood Drive set a goal of 33 units of blood collected, unfortunately, the blood drive collected 27. In December, the goal was 68 units and 79 were collected. According to the amount of units produced, the Red Cross offers scholarships to seniors who volunteered.  

SCHS English teacher, Elizabeth Lickei coordinated the blood drive. “Making sure everyone has food and working to meet the blood collections goals for the drive is fun for me,” replied Mrs. Lickei. Before the blood is confirmed, there is a procedure for safety. The donation is kept at the Red Cross in Omaha. Eventually, the donations are delivered to hospitals. The donations are given to cancer or trauma patients.

Tamara Witzel, a Junior, has donated four times. According to Witzel, she describes the donation as less painful than the shots you receive at a doctor appointment. The duration of the donation was 15 minutes. “I wanted to donate, because I get to save three lives and it makes me feel good about myself,” expressed Tamara Witzel. Witzel committed an act of  kindness to help people who need the donations.