Principals receive Awards

Jim Kasik and Michelle Burton receive the Region 3 Principal of the Year award.

Photo Credit: Unknown

Jim Kasik and Michelle Burton receive the Region 3 Principal of the Year award.

Ketsia Dimpolo, Staff Reporter

The Schuyler Community School’s Middle School Principal, Michelle Burton, and High School Assistant Principal, Jim Kasik, were named the NSASSP Region III Principals of the Year. NSASSP is the Nebraska State Association of Secondary School Principals. According to SCHS Assistant Principal Jim Kasik, he is not sure how he received the award. “I do try to work hard each day to make our school a better place,” Mr. Kasik said. All the Region III Assistant Principals go on the first ballot of the year and are voted by the membership and six make the finals for a round of voting. Anytime a Schuyler student or staff member get recognition for something positive or has some level of success, it tells others that the principals are doing a pretty good job.

Mr. Kasik enjoys the challenge of trying to make the Schuyler Central High School better. “Pushing myself as well as staff and students is hard work, but very rewarding when you see the improvement and success accomplished,” Mr. Kasik said. According to Mr. Kasik, principals have to be demanding, but also have empathy for what others are going through. “Having balance in this regard can be a challenge at times,” explained Mr. Kasik. Mr. Kasik has been an educator in Schuyler Central High School for for 30 years and this is the 3rd year as the Assistant Principal and Activity Director.

According to Mrs. Burton, she believes that she received this reward due to the excellent staff that they have at Schuyler Middle School. They believe that all students can and will learn at a high level when principals do their best. Because of that, the Schuyler Community School continuously tries to make a better circumstance for each student each year. Someone nominated Mrs. Burton and she wished she knew who did. “I would love to thank them for their belief in me,” remarked Mrs. Burton. Mrs. Burton was surprised when she found out that she received the award. There are many excellent principals that work with 6th through 8th grade students across Northeast Nebraska. To be chosen among them was an honor to Mrs. Burton.

Mrs. Burton loves her job and the best part of her job is the staff and students that she gets to serve each and every day. “There is something very special about Schuyler that you can only appreciate by living and working here. I feel that we are all working to make our lives better for the future of ourselves and our families, but we also care about the other individuals around us,” Mrs. Burton said. The Schuyler residents take care of one another and believe in one another. They simply care, love, and serve those that do the same for them each and every day.

According to Mrs. Burton, the most challenging part of being a principal is the time constraints. Mrs. Burton works constantly to balance her life between her family and school. There are not enough hours in the day, so Mrs. Burton works to make the most of each one. Mrs. Burton has been a principal for 5 years, but before that, she taught 8th grade social studies and coached high school volleyball, basketball, and tennis.