Fresh Face for Golf


Photo Credit: Robbi McKenney

Front Row Left to Right: Kalany Arevalo, Janel Lopez, Ivana Lopez, Carly Johnson, Natalia Ruiz. Second Row: Esmeralda Sacarias, Marianna Castillo, Evelin Pena, Jazmine Martinez.

Maria Romero, Staff Reporter

Warrior Girls Golf has a new Head Coach, Shanda Hall. Most students will know her as the middle school’s librarian. She has a very bright and cheerful personality, so you’ll be able to recognize her in a crowd full of people. “This is my first season as the SCHS Ladies’ Golf coach. In past years, I coached girls’ basketball and volleyball at SMS. I also volunteered as an AYSO soccer coach, youth baseball coach, and was the Warrior Basketball Club co-coordinator for 11 years.” Coach Hall shared. 

In the few days that they have practiced, she has already observed what the strengths and weaknesses the players have. “We have a very coachable group and the work ethic is fantastic. They are eager to learn and improve. Our youth and inexperience will work itself out throughout the season and next summer.” Coach Hall also added, “We are a young team as a whole. I have already seen significant progress from the ladies. We are competing every day in practice for the varsity spots, which is making the ladies play focused golf.” Throughout the years, the girls golf team has been a very consistent group and Warrior fans hope for the best as the meets are approaching.