Regular Breakfast vs. Grab and Go


Photo Credit: Brienna Romero

Schuyler Central High School students recieve grab and go.

Brienna Romero, Staff Reporter

This year, Jamie Ramirez, the SCHS Food Service Director and the administration changed the high school food program from hot traditional breakfast to only grab and go before 8 a.m. The mid morning grab and go was also eliminated. For three years, Jamie Ramirez has been the Food Service Director.  She has also, worked for the school district for 16 years in other positions. According to Ramirez, the change was based on the popular number of mid morning grab and go participants. Now with the change in breakfast options and elimination of grab and go, “our breakfast participation has gone down,” stated Ramirez.

Leslie Dearcos, a senior, prefers regular breakfast because grab and go does not entirely make her full. “I’m not against grab and go, but I would like for it to be during passing periods,” Dearcos insisted. According to Dearcos, she considers grab and go as a snack. Marc Lopez, a sophomore, would rather have a hot traditional breakfast before school, because he looked forward to the biscuits and gravy. “Every Thursday, there was breakfast croissant sandwiches,” remarked Lopez. “I think it is better to sit down and have a meal, and be able to choose what kind of things you want instead of grab and go,” Lopez recommended.

Joy Jenkins, one of the food service employees, has noticed the decrease in breakfast attendance and in the lunchroom. A lot of the kids want breakfast back,” acknowledged Jenkins. She believes the regular breakfast is a healthier meal than grab and go. “Last year, teachers would get breakfast, but this year, none of the teachers have purchased grab and go,” Jenkins remarked. According to Jenkins, the advantage of a longer time to consume your breakfast is better for  students.