One Act; Pouring Their Hearts Out


Photo Credits: Yearbook Staff

One Act members finish the season with Runner Up at Districts.

Brienna Romero, Staff Reporter

Schuyler Central High School began One Act practices in late August. This season SCHS One Act received Second place at Districts. Troy Ehmke, Hope Peterson, Morgan Semerad, and Jill Hoesing were the One Act Directors and over 40 SCHS students participated in One Act this year.

Jacquelin Grado, a senior looked forward to One Act season since her sophomore year because she enjoys this extracurricular activity. This year, she auditioned for a speaking role.  Unexpectedly, she got the role as Charlene Baron, the person who despised and complained about everything. The challenging part for Grado was performing on stage. Grado admits her favorite moments were discussing  with her friends about their performance, spending more time with her friends, and talking about previous performances.

Crystal Carrillo, a senior, has participated in One Act for three years now. Over the years, Carrillo had held background roles. This year, she was one of the first leads of the play as Mrs. Komodo. “My favorite parts were the bus rides, watching other schools perform, and performing with the rest of the seniors,” Carrillo stated. According to Carrillo, the toughest challenge was to swallow her pride and allow people to criticize how she represented her character as Mrs. Komodo. Carrillo acknowledges she loves leaving her reality and existing in a new different one. Carrillo enjoyed competing at Districts. “I truly believe we should’ve won, but every judge has their different opinions,” Carrillo remarked.

Katelynn Stodieck, a senior, chose to participate in One Act because she looked forward to the people in One Act and the environment. Stodieck played the role of the Amazon warrior. According to Stodieck, the hardest challenge was to teach the rest of her crew, including herself how to learn the blocking. “Everyone was relentless and the hard worked paid off,” stated Stodieck. Her favorite moments were when everyone was singing, dancing, and having fun without a care. “I believe we did our best to compete, but the main reason was to have fun and perform our hearts out,” stated Stodieck.

Morgan Semerad, the SCS Music teacher helped out in One Act because she had experience in high school. According to Ms. Semerad, Outstanding  Actor awards were given to Dylan Tippery, Jessica Sorsen, Miguel Cruz, Crystal Carrillo, Ben Lefdal, Collin Gibbons, Jessenia De La Torre, Julian Castillo, and Dominic Semerad. “The major improvements were that they worked hard on their freezes from day one to the end and they got better at speaking clearly and loudly,” stated Ms. Semerad. According to Mr. Ehmke, a band teacher at the Middle School, he believes that the level of maturity improved as the students had as actors and human beings.