Covid doesn’t hold back Warriors with Trees


Photo Credit: Araceli Herrera

Bryan and Yareli Romero help plant trees with the SCS Warriors Academy program.

Brienna Romero, Staff Reporter

On April 24th, 2020, the Warrior Academy set up Schuyler’s first Tree-A-Thon. Guadalupe Encarnacion, the Director of Warrior Academy, and other Warrior Academy helped hand out trees during 10-1pm. The Warrior Academy received an opportunity from Beyond Schools Bells to distribute trees for Schuyler in order to celebrate Arbor Day. 

The Lower Platte North Natural Resources Districts donated 400 trees to Schuyler. Kimberly Viquez, After School Program Coordinator, delivered the information to the community of Schuyler to get involved on Arbor Day. While the Middle School held the lunch program, the Warrior Academy gave away trees to the community. According to Ms. Encarnacion, the Warrior Academy shared information on their Facebook page.

“During this time of crisis, it will benefit the youth and their families to participate in school activities that are positive, safe, shared, and lasting,” stated Ms. Encarnacion. Ms. Encarnacion and the Warrior Academy were excited for this opportunity that the Beyond School Bells gave Schuyler for our first annual Tree-A-Thon event.