Effortless Act makes Big Impact


Photo Credit: Brante Hayes

Brante Hayes delivers the tabs to the Ronald McDonald House.

Oscar Carvajal, Staff Reporter

The Ronald McDonald House collects aluminum tabs to help reduce the costs of overnight stays for families with children who are patients in hospitals. Aluminum tabs are collected because they are easier to store and are pure aluminum. Brante Hayes, Schuyler Elementary School Fifth Grade Teacher, collects aluminum tabs for the Ronald McDonald House in Omaha, Nebraska.

Mr. Hayes collects tabs to help the families in need. According to Mr. Hayes, “I started collecting tabs for the Ronald McDonald House two years ago (2018-19 school year).” While collecting tabs, Mr. Hayes has met new people. “When we first started collecting, we didn’t know of anyone that stayed there. Since we have been collecting, we have had some people mention to us that they have used the Ronald McDonald House or that someone in their family has. Coming to realize that some people we know have benefited from the RMH drives us to collect even more,” according to Mr. Hayes.

Mr. Hayes explains to his students that collecting the tabs is a simple and effortless act that makes a major impact for those in need. Students, staff, community members of Schuyler and Columbus help Mr. Hayes collect tabs. “We have tabs coming in from our students in our classroom, other staff members at school, as well as many community members from Schuyler and Columbus” explained Mr. Hayes. Volunteers are bringing Mr. Hayes approximately 5 lbs each month, which equals approximately 7,500 tabs.