New kitchen brings much needed change to SCHS


Photo Credit: Briana Martinez

Students are passing through to get their lunch.

Briana Martinez, Staff Reporter

As high school students returned to Schuyler Central High School in August, they were welcomed with a brand new kitchen and cafeteria. Jamie Ramirez, SCS Food Service Director mentions the benefits of the new kitchen and cafeteria “Some benefits to the new kitchen is it is bigger. It also has upgraded equipment.” She continued to add “It also has a bigger serving area and we can serve from two lines to get the students through a lot faster than in the past.” The new kitchen at SCHS is much larger. The previous cafeteria required the school to have three different lunch periods and tables were packed full compared to this year where there are now only two lunch periods and there are empty tables during lunch. In addition to having two lunch periods, students are able to have an 8 period schedule compared to the previous seven period schedule. This gives students more choices of classes that they are interested in that can be taken.

New changes come with the new kitchen and cafeteria. Ramirez said “Working in the new kitchen has been a change for the staff.” These changes include new training on new equipment. Before school started, a day was taken to train for the new equipment and changes. A change that has been introduced to SCHS this year is being able to bring outside food vendors once Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted. As a result of the bond passing and the multi phase construction project at SCHS, the new kitchen and cafeteria that was included in phase one, was accomplished for all SCHS students to use for the 2020 school year.