Is remote learning an applicable learning tool?


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

Student is working on APEX.

Briana Martinez, Staff Reporter

It’s no secret this school year has been different compared to other years; from having to wear masks to different learning styles, in class or remote/at home, being offered this year. Aaron Thumann, SCHS Alternative Education Teacher states “Remote learning can be a very valuable tool in a student’s education.” With COVID-19 around, remote learning allows students to continue their education from home. As Mr. Thumann mentioned “It allows them to work at a pace that fits their needs better while also taking ownership in their education.” 

Although there are some positives to remote learning there are also negatives that come along with this new style of learning. With students learning from home, it takes away the opportunity to have a teacher help you understand certain information in a different way. Going “remote” also takes away the social interaction that happens at school with students and teachers. Mr. Thumann mentions “It is important that all students grow these skills because they will need them as they move on to college and into their career.” Even if going to college isn’t a part of your plan after high school, these skills are still key skills that are looked for in employees. 

Remote learning is completed through a system called APEX learning. Students get all their class work done through APEX learning. COVID-19 has raised a huge concern to students and their families, therefore remote learning has been very beneficial for families who may have health conditions within their family or concerns about going to school with COVID-19. The number of remote learners have gone up rapidly throughout the 2020 school year. If you are a self sustaining learner being a remote student might work for you.