A Look Into A New Season


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

SCHS Boys Basketball team poses for picture on the bleachers.

Victoria Melgar, Staff Reporter

SCHS Boys Basketball is starting off with 23 boys this season. With Head Coach Lyndon Beebe and Assistant Coaches Jason Friesen and Chad Wiseman. Boys Basketball Coach Jason Friesen’s goal for the team is to try and be the best team they can be. The team works everyday on improving their weaknesses. The team and coaches value their time practicing, achieving goals, and to become better leaders. With Covid -19 issues, Coach Friesen comments, “Each and everyday is different, we don’t know what tomorrow will bring and therefore we value each day and each game.  We don’t know if things could be taken away from us and we will do our job in preventing what we can.” 

Senior player Easton Hall is excited for his last year playing for Schuyler. Hall is looking forward to winning games with the varsity team. Hall has great faith in the team and its improvement and growth. Hall definitely sees basketball in his future and has received multiple offers. Hall comments, “This year we are focusing more on ourselves as a team and not as much of outside opinions. We want to be a team and not just a few guys out on the court playing for themselves.” 

Senior player Aaron Langemeier is looking forward to this season. Langemeier plans to play college basketball. Langemeier and the team are working hard to be in good shape and win games. Langemeier reveals, “I try not to think about it as my last season in high school, because I don’t want my high school career to end.”