School for sale


Photo Credit: Chris Langemeir

Schuyler school district is selling the 4r school.

Kimberly Morales, Staff Reporter

The Schuyler Community Schools 504 R school also known as 4R school outside Rogers, NE is up for sale. It was last used as a school for students who had a difficult time going to other schools that were bigger. This provides the same opportunities as any other schools but the only difference was that it had more one on one interaction. 4R  Students had lunch, classes and even P.E. It is being sold, because the Schuyler school district stopped having a school there approximately 5 years ago. The 4r holds a lot of fond memories for Barbara Saathoff, a former 4R teacher and current SCHS Science teacher. Barbara says her favorite memories were having  P.E. with the students. “We not only taught the students, but we did P.E. with the students. I truly mean “did”. We never laughed so much as we did when we had P.E. time” claimed Barbara. Different activities they participated in were kickball, wiffleball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and dodgeball. 

 Many people believe that a farmer will buy the school, and use it as a storage unit. Lynne Rambour, former 4R teacher and currently a Special Education teacher at SCHS, believes that the school may be bought by a farmer.  “I think that a neighboring farmer might buy 4R.  4R is surrounded by farm ground and it would be a nice addition to any farming operation” she responded.  The school will be sold at an online auction on the Landmark Realty website. The sale format is the result of the pandemic. The property is 3 acres and includes four classrooms, two restrooms, a small gymnasium, a small kitchen, two propane tanks, and a furnace/Central Air. According to SCS superintendent Dr. Dan Hoesing, in a Spring 2020 presentation, the sale of the 4R school will help to pay for having the elementary school parking lot paved.