Kicking off Warrior Speech season


Photo Credit: Melanie Gustafson

Melanie Gutierrez placed 6th at the Papio-South Speech meet

Lasayia Ramirez, Staff Reporter

Warrior Speech season is kicking off and is led by Melanie Gustafson. The assistant coaches are Aimee Sigler, Hope Pedersen, and Erin Struebing. Coach Gustafson coached for three years at Leigh High School before starting in Schuyler four years ago. “This year’s senior team members started at SCHS when I did, so it’s a special year for me” said Coach Gustafson. Last year the speech team didn’t get to finish the season, because of the pandemic, but two years ago they were the District Runner-Up team. “Covid, this is our biggest challenge” stated Coach Gustafson. The speech team has already competed in two meets this winter, and they were both virtual. “It is difficult to compete in a virtual meet because the judge and other competitors are not together in the same room” claimed Coach Gustafson. The team relies heavily on technology to be able to successfully compete. “We are hoping as the season continues on; more meets will allow in-person competition” explained Coach Gustafson. In late February, the speech team will compete in the Conference Speech meet. State Speech is on Thursday, March 18th and will be held at Kearney High School.

Piper Lefdal, a speech team member, enjoys the team unity most about speech. “Every meet and competition we’re always cheering on or encouraging each other” shared Piper. Piper wanted to be a part of the speech team, because she felt like she would be good at competitive speaking and also really liked the people in speech who are her friends. What motivates Piper about being on the speech team is other competitors. “As the year goes on you begin to recognize the talented competitors” stated Piper. Piper compares each of her performances to another competitor throughout the year.