Getting a Headstart


Photo Credit: Caitlin Kronberg

Staci Shonka assists Hanna Kroeger with her work.

Caitlin Kronberg, Staff Reporter

Students attending Schuyler Central High School are getting a head start on their college education. The high school offers a variety of college level classes for high school and college credit through Wayne State College and Central Community College. Roughly 120 junior and senior students, according to school counselor Amy Johnson,  are taking advantage of this in the 2020-2021 school year. The class tuition and textbooks are paid for by the school as long as the student passes the college class. 

The college class options include: Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, English Composition, College Algebra, and other options. Some of the classes are online while others are taught by teachers at SCHS. Staci Shonka, who also teaches Geometry, is an in-building teacher for College Algebra. “There are many topics we cover in college algebra in a short amount of time, since the class is only a semester long”, Shonka said. English Composition is an online class taken by students at SCHS. It focuses on writing essays and developing skills to improve one’s writing. These papers are graded at a college level, and it prepares students for success in future college classes. Introduction to Psychology and Sociology are introductory classes that target human behavior. Psychology focuses on the individual while Sociology focuses on group behavior. 

Maria Mendez is a senior at SCHS. She has taken the college classes for English Composition, Advanced Chemistry, Topics in Literature, and Introduction to Criminal Justice. Taking these classes has helped her earn many college credits even before stepping foot on campus. Maria explained “I knew that college would be expensive. Taking dual credit classes helps alleviate my future costs. It also allows me to get my general education classes done sooner”. She encourages students to take the classes for dual credit, even if they are still uncertain about college. SCHS offers a variety of college classes for students to take advantage of. Earning credits before graduation helps to prepare students for their future careers.