Students prep for the ACT


Photo Credit: Briana Martinez

SCHS Counselor, Katherine Bertrand showing off her John Baylor book.

Briana Martinez, Staff Reporter

The ACT is approaching quickly along with the On to College prep program. The On to College program is intended to help students prepare for the ACT test. On to College is a program run by John Baylor. More than 450 high schools in 24 states offer this program to their students, including Schuyler Central High School. Two years ago SCHS had a temporary schedule change due to the program. Preparation would start at 2:55 and was a 40 minute class. This year the ACT preparation training will be held in core classes like English, Math, and Science. For the most part the program is being run the same as last year, with a few modifications to make the program better. The On to College program teaches students how to manage their time on the test and what type of questions will be asked. It also teaches students test taking tips and strategies. 

Some students might wonder “why is the ACT important?”. The ACT is used for college admissions and scholarships. Colleges look at Act scores to determine scholarships. Some colleges even have a required composite ACT score that students must have to go to that school. This includes some vocational schools (also known as trade school or career school), but some of the schools will use MAPS scores or other placement tests to place students in the right courses. The ACT is also the Nebraska state standardized test. Katherine Bertrand, SCHS Counselor for 9th and 10th grade commented, “The nice thing about the program is it goes over a lot of information and skills you can use in core classes”. SCHS students have a great opportunity to prepare for the ACT with the On to College program.