Langemeier Trades his Greens for Orange


Photo Credit: Aaron Langemeier

The basketball team poses for a picture.

Caitlin Kronberg, Staff Reporter

Many colleges insist that their incoming freshmen sign a letter of intent. This keeps future athletes from switching colleges. Senior Aaron Langemeier signed his letter of intent to Midland University on March 15th. He will play basketball on their college team next fall. 

Aaron was contacted for an interview to share some of the driving forces that pushed him down the path to Midland University. “I’ve been playing basketball for as long as I can remember,” Aaron shared, “My older brother Jakub was the driving factor for me. He spent countless hours in the gym or on the driveway shooting and playing to help me get better.” Aaron also explained that the coaching staff at Midland played a large part in where he decided to play basketball. He sent the head coach videos of some of his highlights from previous high school games to attract attention. Aaron will be studying for a degree in Exercise Science while he plays basketball, which takes an average of four years. “You have to always have the mentality that you want to get better everyday,” Aaron advises new athletes, “There will be days when you just played three games in a row, and you are drained, but you always need to come back the next day and work hard in practice.”

Jason Friesen, the Assistant Basketball Coach, stated that “Aaron has many qualities as a player that coaches look for. He has a drive to be a good basketball player, he has a great IQ and love for the game, and he developed great skills throughout his career.”  Friesen’s first impression of Aaron was as a scrawny freshman with plenty of untapped talent. He’s proud of the skills Aaron has developed throughout his high school career, and for his success in the future.