Coming Soon: a New Principal


Photo Credit: Briana Martinez

Stephen Grammer sitting in his office.

Briana Martinez, Staff Reporter

 Stephen Grammer, principal of SCHS for five years will be retiring. Not only has Mr. Grammer been the principal at SCHS for five years, but was also the principal at SMS for nine years. SCHS has had many accomplishments over the past few years from expanding the high school to sports accomplishments. Mr. Grammer shares some of his favorite memories as the principal, “There are many good memories for me, as the principal of Schuyler Central High School. Winning the State One Act Championship was a great memory, Coach Thumann and our football team won the final game of the 2018 season to end the long losing streak, and all of the building projects to improve our facilities.” Mr. Grammer comments, “I am going to miss my daily interactions with staff and students, watching our students compete in athletics and activities, and watch our students graduate and walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. After five years as the principal of SCHS, there comes a time to say goodbye to all the great memories.” SCHS wishes principal Mr. Grammar the best and thanks him for all he has done.

 In the school year of 2021-2022, there will be a new principal. Her name is Dr. Jodie Sams. Dr. Sams currently works at Educational Service Unit 2 in Fremont, Nebraska as an Assistant Director of Special Projects. Dr. Sams has six years of experience in multiple areas of educational administration, including experience as a special education teacher at multiple schools. Among many of the certifications listed on the resume, Dr. Sams is a licensed attorney for the State of Nebraska. 

As Dr. Sams was getting ready to move from her junior year of high school, she took a career plan assessment. The results of the career plan assessment pointed her to having a career as an attorney. The guidance counselor had told Dr. Sams that she would never make it through college the way she was going, and she would be lucky if she could even get accepted into a community college. Dr. Sams took this comment and turned it into a motivation to turn her grades and education around. Once senior year came around Dr. Sams started to improve her grades to make a great change for her future. In addition to being an attorney, Dr. Sams is also certified to be a principal and superintendent. “I am looking forward to becoming a part of the SCHS community, and getting to know every student, staff, and community member.” commented Dr. Sams.