Dancing with the Warriors

The 2021-22 SCHS Dance team.

Photo Credit: Maddie Prockaska

The 2021-22 SCHS Dance team.

Briana Martinez, Staff Reporter

The dance team at SCHS has been chosen for next year. Next year on the dance team will be Alekxa Olvera, Kelly Zastera, Andrea Azcunaga, Kimberly Morales, Clara Lesiak, Marisol Deanda, Emily Garcia, Natalie Espiritu, Hope Borman, Natalie Yrkoski, Isabella Adame, Vanessa Uriostegui, and Jasmin Acosta. Jasmin Acosta, 9th grader at SCHS comments “I look forward to dance camp and bonding with the other girls on the team.” The girls who made it onto the dance team will be attending a dance camp to get to know eachother better and prepare for the upcoming dance season.

Lydia Quiring is an English teacher at SCHS for ninth grade and is also the dance coach for SCHS. When tryouts were held from March twenty-ninth through April first, there were multiple criteria considered in all of the participants trying out. These criteria included; teacher evaluations, technique, group performance, individual performance, answers to a question, facial expressions, eye contact, and poise. Since it was Coach Quiring’s first year as the dance coach she is looking forward to incorporating some new activities next year. Coach Quiring plans on working to improve technique and athletic performance with additional practices and conditioning. A goal for the dance team that has not been done in a few years is to be a part of a competition.