Dancing in Las Vegas


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

Students dancing at prom.

Oscar Carvajal, Staff Reporter

The Schuyler Central High School had a prom this year, the theme was a “Night at Las Vegas.” This year’s prom required students to wear face masks due to the pandemic. The SCHS students didn’t get to have a prom last year due to the pandemic.

This year’s prom took place on Saturday, April 17 in the Oak Ballroom. The prom sponsors were Staci Shonka and John Sayer. This year was Mrs. Shonka’s second year as a co-sponsor for prom, and Mr. Sayer has been a prom sponsor at SCHS for fifteen years. Prom sold over sixty tickets to students attending prom, one ticket was sold for ten dollars. Students must have attended prom before they could attend post prom. When prom ended, the students were given the opportunity to attend post prom, which was held in the east gym and cafeteria of SCHS.

George Xorxe is a junior that attended the prom. Xorxe and other students had some fun either in prom or post prom, Xorxe stated, “I didn’t really enjoy prom, but I did have a lot of fun at post prom.” Xorxe had many things to be nervous about, before prom had commenced, “I was nervous about the music, the time for prom, and post prom” Xorxe states.