Rice to become a Midland Warrior


Photo Credits: Yearbook Staff

Cody Rice ready to sign with Midland University.

Kimberly Morales, Staff Reporter

With much success and motivation, Cody Rice is signing a letter of intent with Midland University in Fremont. He has won all class State Champion for powerlifting and is receiving a scholarship by Midland University. He is a senior at Schuyler Central High School. Cody comments “I am excited to get started on my college journey and get to participate in powerlifting at the college level at such a great school.” Cody is planning on going to college to become an athletic trainer. Later on he would like to teach or coach weightlifting. “I would love to help students work at the best of their ability,” Cody states.  

Midland has given the opportunity for Cody Rice to endure and pursue his weightlifting journey. Cody has been weightlifting since his freshman year. “I started in the summer my freshman year,  but wasn’t interested in it but my brother made me go and I have been doing it ever since,” Rice remarked. He started training his freshman year and started competitive powerlifting his junior year. Powerlifting has been a successful journey for him in the long run. 

 When getting a scholarship a school offers to pay for a part or full expenses while a student gets their undergraduate degree. “My family and I were absolutely thrilled to hear about the scholarship. Midland University was the college that I have wanted to attend since my freshman year. I’m glad that my hard work paid off” Cody shared. Cody has competed in the Midland University weightlifting competition and won. “When lifting, I like to keep the mindset that I can only make myself better. It’s always been about getting stronger” Cody explained. Midland University is one of the top powerlifting teams in the nation. Cody Rice will soon be attending Midland and pursuing his career. Cody signed with Midland University on April 30, 2021 at 2:30 p.m.