Spanish Competition brings home medals

Jacquelyn Perez, Staff Reporter

 Schuyler High School competitors participated in a spanish competition. This year the spanish competition has been different. During the pandemic, the competition was not held in person, it was held virtually. The competition they participated in was the Columbus Spanish Competition. Each student was able to choose from four categories; Music, Art, Poetry, and Dance. The students who competed chose poetry, music and art. This was their first year competing in a spanish competition. 

The competitors who placed in the Columbus Spanish Competition were Megan DeLeon who placed 4th for the category Poetry, Jaquie Lopez placed 2nd for Art, Kenny Mejia placed 3rd in Art, and Joanna Ardeano placed 2nd in Art. These competitors were able to bring four medals home. Bianca Alarcon, Schuyler Community High School Spanish Teacher, remarked that two years ago she helped put the competition together at Columbus High School. 

“The students had five weeks to prepare for their presentation,” according to Mrs. Alarcon. Students who competed were not chosen but all students in Spanish 3 were required to participate in the competition. Mrs. Alarcon was questioned about how she felt about the results in the end about the competition and she shared, “Unfortunately, I was out for maternity leave and I was not able to give the students any guidance. I wished I could have been there to help them out. But I was very happy to bring home medals.”