Spreading Love with Jeans

Oscar Carvajal, Staff Reporter

The teachers of Schuyler Central High School get to wear jeans on certain Fridays if they pay a five dollar fee. The money goes to the Student Council and they have the option to donate the money to a family or to an organization. 

The SCHS uses jeans day to have Feel the Love Friday which is a monthly event. The Student Council hosted the jeans day and wanted to pair Feel the Love Friday with jeans day as an opportunity to raise money. On May 7, Feel the Love Friday was hosted to raise money for Lilly Nilo, a student of Schuyler Elementary School, who has cancer. Feel the Love Friday was able to raise 187 dollars to the Nilo family. Feel the Love Fridays raise money and donate to families or to organizations, “Each month the money went to Make-A-Wish, Terry Spale (a maintenance worker at SCS with cancer), The Center.” according to Brandi Zavadil. 

Feel the Love Friday usually raises money from 50 dollars to 190 depending on the amount of staff wearing jeans on that day. I Love Public Schools started Feel the Love Fridays to spread good news about the events in public educations, Mrs. Zavadil stated, “I Love Public Schools created t-shirts that say ‘I Love Public Schools’ and encouraged teachers and other staff members of schools all across the country to wear them once a month on a Friday.”