Scholarship brings student closer to becoming a Teacher


Photo Credits: Yearbook Staff

Brenda showing her scholarship check.

Lasayia Ramirez, Staff Reporter

Brenda Lara-Romo is a senior at SCHS. She was chosen to receive a scholarship out of over the 160 other applicants. “I honestly have no idea why I was chosen, but I feel very honored that I was,” stated Brenda. Brenda signed a letter of academic intent with the University of Nebraska at Kearney showing that she will be attending there in the Fall. The scholarship will cover a large part of her college expenses for the next four years.

She is not the first person in her family to go to college. Her older brother went to college but dropped out before the end of his first year. Brenda is going to college because she wants to become a teacher. One of her teachers actually inspired her to teach. “He provided his students with a sense of understanding and always managed to put a smile on his students’ face. I aspire to be like him” said Brenda. When asked if she was planning on teaching in Schuyler, she said that actually wants to teach English in South Korea after she gets her bachelor’s degree and her TEFL Certificate. Once her contract ends, Brenda might come back to teach in Schuyler. 

Brenda’s advice to someone who is applying for this scholarship or other scholarships is to be very honest. When she had her interview with Mr. Olivas and some other board directors of the Office of Inclusion and Diversity, she was very nervous. They were very kind to Brenda and wanted to have a normal conversation with her. “It’s better to be honest than anything else” said Brenda.