New Volleyball Coach works to change school culture

Kimberly Morales, Staff Reporter

SCHS 2021 Volleyball Team (Yearbook Staff )

A new coach is starting this year’s volleyball season. Drey Keairnes is the new Schuyler Central High School Librarian. Coach Keairnes was an eleventh grade English teacher, assistant wrestling coach, and assistant football coach at SCHS. Coach Keairnes is looking forward to leading a sports program in Schuyler. “I am very proud to teach and coach in Schuyler, so being able to take the floor and compete as a head coach for this school is something I am excited about,” Keairnes claimed. Coaching is something that he has experienced before, but for volleyball it will be his first time. Drey Keairnes went to Midland University and has coached high school football and wrestling as an assistant coach, and has been involved with youth sports in the community. 

Things are slowly going back to normal and it makes it easier for the volleyball players to practice. “I think that not having to wear a mask constantly will make it easier to communicate for both players and coaches,” Coach Keairnes explained. The student-athletes now practice and will start the year with regular practice without masks or having to social distance. Unlike last year masks were required during practice for games and on the bus. It is optional this year, but the program is proceeding as normal. 

With sports, there are always goals and accomplishments that are set. Coach Keairnes shows that his biggest goal for himself and the team is to build a culture, focus, self-confidence, and positivity. “We have tons of talent and great work ethic with our athletes, and now we just need to recognize that and take advantage of it. We have to take pride in ourselves and our school,” coach Keairnes added. He always has said, “We are Schuyler, not just Schuyler.” Coach Keairnes believes that SCHS should take pride within themselves and not have the mentality of “we are just Schuyler.”