FFA leaves a mark at competitions


Photo Credit: FFA member

FFA member judging livestock.

Melani Alarcon, Staff Reporter

The Schuyler Central High School FFA Team attended a competition on Friday, January 21.  The categories the FFA members competed in were Floriculture, Ag Biotechnology, Livestock Judging, and Food Science. There were 167 participants and 44 teams competed. The Senior team placed 4th. The Junior team placed 14th. The Senior team consisted of Eliza Bailey, Robert Rocheford, Landen Reyes, and Emma Jedlicka. The Junior team consisted of Addy Vavricek, Ally Vavricek, Bela Jedlicka, Hope Borman, and Abby Reyna. 

The Schuyler FFA members attended District Career Development Events on Thursday, January 27th.  In Food Science category, the Schuyler team placed 6th and Josh Parsons placed 12th as an individual. The Schuyler team finished 5th in the Floriculture category and Ana Soto placed 16th. In the Biotechnology category, Schuyler placed 3rd and Kathyrn Novacek finished in 9th. The Schuyler team placed 5th in the Senior Livestock Judging category and Ally Vavricek placed 13th. In the Junior Livestock Judging category, Schuyler finished 7th and Bela Jedlicka placed 9th, and Addison Vavricek finished in 13th. 

They have been practicing since mid-September for the areas they were competing in. The FFA members were able to go out to Lloyd and Rodney Jedlicka’s farms and judge in person this year. Casey Harper, a co-sponsor for the FFA chapter, chooses who gets to be on the senior and junior team by how the students do at other competitions.

One of the categories is judging livestock. The skills the FFA members build when judging livestock, according to Mr. Harper is “the ability to use reasoning when you place the livestock  communication skills.” Mr Harper explained that overall this is a good contest, because students are building relationships with other members from other schools as well as growing their communication skills.’’ Mr. Harper, shared that ‘’the FFA team are very fortunate to have such a great community supporting them with their FFA competitions.’’