Art Club; more than just a painting and drawing


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

Art Club members sitting in the commons area working on an Art project. Left to Right: Evelin Pena, Thayli Corona, Cheyenne Hite, Marleny Diaz de Leon.

Jakelin Ortega, Staff Reporter

“Think about it: music, the clothes you wear, swimming, road signs, buildings,” explained Deb Gonsior, can all be art.  Deb Gonsior has been the sponsor for the Art club at Schuyler Central High School for 16 years. Mrs. Gonsior is also a Para-Educator for Schuyler Community Schools. So far this year, the Art club has focused on photography, artistic greeting cards, jewelry making, and step-by-step acrylic landscapes on canvases. Cheyenne Hite, a freshman and member of the Art club, stated that she, “would tell anyone interested in joining the Art Club that we get to make lots of cool things like earrings, bracelets, and cards.” 

Members of the Art Club make the decision on what they want to do throughout the year. They are also planning to make a few field trips. One of the field trips they take consists of taking a trip to Omaha. In Omaha, they will go to art galleries at the end of the year. Mrs. Gonsior wants to open their eyes to what art is all about in their lives. People have remarked that art is everywhere, art allows for us to express our creativity and imagination. Like people say “it’s all in the eye of the beholder.”