Kawasaki visits Schuyler Central High School to Recruit


Photo Credit: Samantha Ladwig

Kawasaki representative speaking with Schuyler High School students.

Melani Alarcon, Staff Reporter

Kawasaki Heavy Industries is a Japanese public multinational corporation manufacturer of motorcycles, engines, heavy equipment, aerospace and defense equipment. Kawasaki has a manufacturing plant located in Lincoln, Nebraska. It is only about 45 minutes away from Schuyler Central High School. On February 28, 2022, Kawasaki came to SCHS. Donald Seehusen, the Skilled and Technical Sciences teacher at SCHS, invited Kawasaki to come speak to students at SCHS. Two hundred plus SCHS students attended, the Kawasaki presentations throughout the day.

Kawasaki came to SCHS because they are interested in finding quality workers that can help the company expand. They believe that the courses we have at Schuyler high school do a great job in  preparing students. In Mechatronics class, students learn about rail cars. Kawasaki has a rail car department.  Mr. Seehusen has toured the Kawasaki factory and he shared that “it is a clean, technologically advanced, and interesting place to work.” Kawasaki representatives talked to the SCHS students about the company and showed some of the job opportunities they have available to SCHS students. One of the job opportunities is building motorsports equipment.“Kawasaki coming to SCHS was a great opportunity, because motorsports equipment could be a very interesting career, that maybe some SCHS students didn’t know very much about,” explained Mr. Seehusen.