FFA wins $ from Instragram competition


Photo Credit: Alexis Manzano

The FFA team accepting their award from the Homestead Bank.

Jacquelyn Perez, Staff Reporter

The FFA team competed in Homestead Bank’s Local FFA Chapter competition which earned them first place. There were 9 schools that competed across the state. This contest was promoted on social media on Facebook, but held on Instagram. During the competition, FFA Chapter members and supporters went to the competition Instagram post and commented on the name of a school before Friday 25th. Schools around Nebraska had the chance to compete if they had a Homestead bank and a FFA chapter at the local high school in the same town. Casey Harper, Co-Sponsor for the Schuyler Community High School FFA chapter, shared that they received 200 votes to win the contest. 

The FFA team won $1,000 for receiving the most comments. Howells Dodge consolidated High School received $500 for being a runner up. Each additional school that competed received a donation of $100 for their FFA chapter. The Homestead Bank has been a part of the Schuyler community since 2011. Homestead Bank started in Cozad, Nebraska over 100 years ago and currently also has banks in Ainsworth, Chadron, Albion, Howells, Cozad, Lexington, and lastly St. Paul.