Nelson says Goodbye to SCHS as he retires


Photo Credit: Melani Alarcon

Mr. Nelson, a retiring business teacher at Schuyler Central High School.

Melani Alarcon, Staff Reporter

According to, retirement is the stage in life when one chooses to leave the work force and live off sources of income or savings that does not require active work. This year Tom Nelson, a business teacher at Schuyler Central High School plans to retire. Mr. Nelson has taught for 5 years here at SCHS and has taught thirty-two years in total in his teaching career. During his time at SCHS, he has taught Personal Finance and Accounting classes. Mr. Nelson has not yet decided on what he is going to do after retirement.  

 Mr. Nelson shared that he wanted to become a teacher, because he wanted to teach kids important life lessons. Mr. Nelson decided the best way to do that was to become a teacher.  According to Mr. Nelson, throughout his life he had lots of teachers and coaches who taught him lots of life lessons and that made him a better person overall. When teaching at SCHS a positive memory that Mr. Nelson has is that he was able to help SCHS students learn.  “It is really gratifying when a student is struggling with a concept, we can work on it, and then they get it,” shared Mr. Nelson. Mr. Nelson shared that his favorite thing about working at SCHS is that he gets to work with lots of great people.