Ms. J says adios to SCHS


Photo Credit: Jakelin Ortega

Ms. J retires after 36 years at SCHS.

Jakelin Ortega , Staff Reporter

Amy Johnson, also known as Ms. J, says goodbye to Schuyler Central High School, which she has been at for the past 36 years. She was originally from Fremont, Nebraska.  Ms. Johnson is the counselor for grades 11 and 12 for Schuyler Central. Ms. Johnson graduated from the University of Nebraska Kearney. She has held several positions at SCHS over the past 36 years. Ms. Johnson has taught Physical Science, Biology, ESL Physical Science, ESL Math, Anatomy and Physiology. Ms. J received her bachelor’s degree from Kearney State College in areas of Biology and Physical Science. She received her masters degree from Wayne State College in Exercise Science, and a masters degree in Counseling. She has also coached volleyball and track. 

Ms. Johnson learned that counseling is much harder than she thought it would be. One thing she has learned from counseling is how humans are so alike yet so different from each other. Ms. Johnson had the honor to start the high school blood drive at SCHS. She started the drive with her Anatomy and Physiology class back in 1993. Ms. Johnson shared one of her most memorable moments; “we were working in the lab in my classroom, and a student yelled at me. When I looked, the flames were reaching higher than she was.” The student was 6’2. 

One thing she will miss is helping students as they work through life issues on their way to figuring out what exactly they have been placed on this earth to do. She mentioned that she loves those moments, and will always cherish them. Due to retiring, Ms. Johnson will have the opportunity to help out her family whenever they need it. She also plans on kayaking whenever she gets the chance too.