Jump Up day at SCHS!


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

SCHS students recruiting students for Digital Newspaper class.

Melani Alarcon, Staff Reporter

Jump Up day is a 8th grade orientation to high school. Here at Schuyler Central High School the incoming freshmen came to visit SCHS on May 4th.They were split up into three groups that rotated from the auditorium,a tour of the school, and also to the gym to check out the sports and clubs tables. Jump up day helps the new students meet the SCHS staff and tour the building before they start school in August.

The 8th graders received a folder that had information for them about the upcoming school year. The folder contained a course list of the elective classes and what order they should be taken in. The folder also contained the requirements needed to graduate.  According to Brandi Zavadil, Instructional Coach/ELL Counselor, “Jump Up day allows the 8th graders to get a “sneak peak” of the building so they are not completely new to the building, students, and teachers in August.” Mrs. Zavadil shared that her favorite part of Jump-Up day was the excitement from the students.  Jakelin Ortega, a freshman at SCHS, shared that her favorite part of having a table in the gym to promote Digital Newspaper class, for Jump Up day was being able to decorate it and make it appealing.