A Hole-in-One


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

The 2022 Girls Golf Team.

Amy Juarez, Staff Reporter

Warriors Girls Golf started the season with six new golfers and one returning player (Marianna Castillo). The Head Coach is Shanda Hall. Coach Hall has been the head coach for four years. Coach Hall explained that “I have loved to golf with my family since my adult sons were toddlers, so when the position opened up four years ago, I decided that maybe I could help the high school girls find their love for the game, too.” In all the practices they have gone through, Coach Hall sees improvement in every single player.” It is fun to watch new golfers progress steadily and their excitement for the game,” shared Coach Hall. Coach Hall’s goals this season are to see improvement and work ethic as they have so far. With new girls on the team with no experience in golf, Coach Hall’s advice is to start as young as you can to learn and practice the game. According to Coach Hall, “The amount of practice time players put in outside of the season has a direct correlation to how successful they are during the season.” Throughout the four years of coaching girls golf, Coach Hall has seen leadership from all the girls, and explained the “chemistry on the Girls Golf team is fantastic to see considering some of the players just started.”

Marianna Castillo is a returning girls golf player and is ready to compete once more. Marianna is currently a Senior at Schuyler Central High School and has been playing golf throughout all of her high school years. Marianna had no intentions in playing girls golf but wanted to try something new. Marianna mentioned that one of her goals this season is to be able to shoot a 110 by the end of the season.”Some of my strengths would be my chipping and my putting,” shared Marianna.