His children inspired him to teach


Photo Credit: Gina Escobar

The new Physical Education teacher Mr. Hauptman.

Gina Escobar, Staff Reporter

Welcome Austin Hauptman, a new teacher in the Physical Education department. This is his first year teaching at Schuyler High School, but his second year teaching. Last year he taught Physical Education at an elementary and middle school in Omaha at two different schools. Mr. Hauptman taught at Legacy School and Phoenix Academy. Mr. Hauptman explained that “it wasn’t until I had my own kids that I thought about teaching.” Mr. Hauptman didn’t go to school to teach, he actually received a degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science. What made Mr. Hauptman want to teach was his children. Mr. Hauptman explained, “through them I realized the joy and passion I have for helping others through the learning process.” Another factor which made Mr. Hauptman want to teach was that he can share his passion for exercise and movement with others. 

Mr. Hauptman has a lot of goals for this year, but his main one is to improve on his skills as a teacher at the high school level. Mr. Hauptman also wants to build relationships with the students and people of the Schuyler community every single day. Mr. Hauptman thinks his greatest teaching strength is flexibility and willingness to try new things in his class. Mr. Hauptman explained that “Sometimes you just have to go with things and let the feeling of a class dictate the direction you go.” When Mr. Hauptman is not teaching, he likes to spend time and play with his two children. Mr. Hauptman’s children are ages two and five. Mr. Hauptman likes being outdoors, camping, and watching his favorite sports team.