Warrior Homecoming 2022


Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff

Homecoming King and Queen, Gavin Bywater and Niurka Castro posing for a picture at the Homecoming Dance.

Melani Alarcon, Staff Reporter

Homecoming 2022 was held on September 9th, 2022. For Spirit Week, class officers were in charge of making homecoming banners for each grade. The banners were hung up in the East Gym on Tuesday morning. Students voted on the banner they liked the best.  It was announced at the Pep Rally on Friday that the sophomore class won the banner competition. The Homecoming Spirit Week started off with Tuesday’s theme “Country vs Country Club.” Wednesday’s theme was “Adam Sandler day.” Thursday’s theme was to bring “anything but a backpack.” Friday’s theme was wear your “Warrior” gear. Each day students and staff alike dressed for each theme.

The Homecoming Pep Rally was held on Friday outside on the football field. During the Pep Rally, homecoming candidates shared a few words about themselves and their future plans. The Homecoming Court included; Niurka Castro, Jenny Valora, Natalie Yrkoski, Piper Lefdal, Kathryn Tzunux, Michael Arriaza, Gavin Bywater, Josue Fuentes, Colin Gibbons, and Ben Lefdal. The Pep Rally concluded with the candidates getting to pie a teacher of their choice in the face while stating what they liked about that teacher.

Mr. Wilcox bends down so that Homecoming candidate, Ben Lefdal can reach him to pie his favorite teacher at the Homecoming Pep Rally. (Photo Credit: Yearbook Staff)

Later Friday after the SCHS football game, the winners were announced. Niurka Castro was crowned Homecoming Queen and Gavin Bywater was crowned Homecoming King. According to Niurka, she was very shocked she won. “My jaw was basically on the floor the whole time,” shared Niurka. Nirurka also stated that she really enjoyed homecoming and that it will be something she will always remember. 

Gavin Bywater shared what he felt when he realized he won Homecoming King; “It was a little hard to contain my happiness, it felt surreal to take pictures in that crown.” Gavin shared that this year’s

homecoming was very lively, “It felt like everyone had a part in making it special.” According to Gavin, the decorations were special to some seniors because they played a role in making them happen.