Family inspires new teacher


Photo Credit: Ximena Vasquez

Mr. Cook shares a little insight about himself.

Ximena Vasquez, Staff Reporter

Isaac Cook, a new teacher at Schuyler Central High School, is one of the fresh new faces around campus and in the Social Studies department. Mr. Cook attended college at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. Mr. Cook decided to become a teacher because of his family. His mom, grandpa, aunt and uncle are all teachers. They all set an example for him. “They have shown me the joy of being a teacher and they inspired me to pursue this profession,” shared Mr. Cook. 

One of the things Mr. Cook likes the most about teaching is getting to know the students and getting to be part of their lives. Mr. Cook looks forward to learning how to be a better teacher here at Schuyler. “It is a good place to grow as a teacher,” commented Mr. Cook. Some of Mr. Cook’s favorite high school memories are participating in Speech and making friends through Speech. Another favorite memory of high school for Mr. Cook was running in cross country. Something that no one at SCHS probably knows about Mr. Cook is that he really enjoys playing guitar and banjo. Mr. Cook learned how to play guitar when he was in 4th grade. Mr. Cook took lessons for a few years and then quit in 6th grade. After a while of not playing, Mr Cook picked up his guitar again his freshman year of high school and started playing for fun, and has been playing ever since. Mr. Cook was in a band in college and they played rock music, and also country music. Mr. Cook started learning how to play guitar from a teacher, but he continued learning by teaching himself.